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We offer a complete solution for wastewater and effluent treatment. Our turnkey Effluent Treatment Plants (ETPs) use advanced physio-chemical treatments with a tertiary polishing system to remove organic and inorganic matter, oil and grease, heavy metals, and suspended solids. We analyze effluent samples, conduct treatability studies, and design tailored treatment schemes.

USPs: Compact, portable, energy-efficient, and upgradable.

Applications: Various industrial sectors, hospitals, restaurants, dairy plants, Etc.


We design, supply, and install Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) to treat sewage generated by various establishments. STP installation is a statutory requirement by State Pollution Control Boards. We provide economically viable and compact STP solutions. We also offer packaged STP solutions that require less space for installation. Our STPs treat sewage water for safe disposal, and the treated water can be used for gardening, flushing, and washing.

USPs: Compact size, low maintenance, regulatory compliant, corrosion resistant, easy to move, minimal civil work and installation space, energy efficient, and low operational cost.

Applications: Hotels, housing societies, industrial complexes, malls, multiplexes, schools, educational institutions, commercial complexes, hospitals, Etc.

Operation & Maintenance (O&M)

We also provide Operation and Maintenance services on a turnkey basis. We are ready to serve our client on a 24x7 basis to mitigate the plant problems.


Our company provides certified industrial and domestic RO water filters (Water ATM) utilizing advanced methods and equipment. Our plants use advanced formulations that include RO membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors, anti-scalants, corrosion inhibitors, biocides, de-chlorinators, and flocculants. We offer in-field analytical instruments, laboratory-based support services, microbiological testing, membrane autopsy, and analysis services. Our water purification plants can be used in various places. Applications: Industries, schools, hotels, gram Panchayats, colleges, hospitals, residential complexes, homes, Etc.


We offer high-quality De-Mineralization (DM) plants through advanced technical processes. De-mineralization is the process of removing mineral salts from water using ion exchange. This process results in deionized water, which has its mineral ions removed. Deionization involves the use of specially manufactured ion exchange resins that provide an ion exchange site, allowing mineral salts in water to be replaced with water, forming H+ and OH- ions. Applications: Industrial boilers and processes.


We manufacture efficient water softeners that reduce water hardness by removing calcium and magnesium ions using a highly acidic cation exchanger. Our portable water softener plant is easy to install and maintain and affordable. Hard water causes several problems, such as scaling in pipes and heating/cooling systems, white film-like layers on glass surfaces and stains on water taps, and increased laundry costs due to reactions with soap and laundry detergents. Applications: Various industries including boiler feed, textile and food processing, cooling tower makeup, beverage production, and pharmaceuticals, restaurants, bungalows, flats, Etc.


Biogas is a promising source of energy for the future, as waste will soon be transformed into a valuable commodity. Our portable biogas plants are pre-fabricated, ready-to-use, and designed to fit into small spaces. They are easy to assemble, low maintenance, durable, and convenient. They can cover 50% to 70% of a family's energy needs with varying capacities. The residual slurry can be used as manure in the garden.

USPs: Pre-fabricated units, portable, plug-and-play, sleek, non-intrusive, easy to install and use, secure and sturdy, prevents seepage and gas escape, perfect for small families.

Advantages: Cost-effective, sustainable disposal option for domestic biodegradable waste, and nourishing plant fertilizer for plants.

Applications: Canteens, hotels, restaurants, homes, Etc.


Rainwater collected on the roof must be filtered before storage due to impurities like leaves, bird droppings, and dust. The filter is a simple and effective device successfully installed in many buildings. One crucial feature of filtering rainwater is separating the first flush from the purer subsequent rain.

RWH advantages: Easy maintenance, reduced bills, irrigation suitability, less groundwater demand, and increased water table.

Applications: Bungalows, hospitals, industries, hotels, Etc.


We also supply various types of chemicals like:

A] Waste water Treatment Chemicals (ETP / STP): Hydrated lime, alum, polyelectrolyte defoamer, sodium hypochloride, ETP / STP culture, STP odour removed chemicals, disinfectants, Etc.

B] Cooling Tower chemicals: Anti-algae chemicals, anti-scalant, Etc.

C] RO chemicals: Anti-scalant, SMBS, Membrane cleaner, Etc.

D] Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals: pH booster, oxygen scavenger for high pressure boiler, polymer base anti-scalant / sludge conditioner, descaling chemicals, all-in-one formulation for low pressure boiler, fireside chemicals for boiler (powder form)

Applications: Various industries including boiler feed, textile and food processing, cooling tower makeup, beverage production, and pharmaceuticals, restaurants, bungalows, flats, Etc.

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